ironically, I was once a music major

We’ve been at Coop’s school A LOT the past few weeks working on the 1st grade play.  So naturally, I’ve got the songs stuck in my head 24/7.  I was singing one of these lovely songs Tuesday night while taking care of a boo-boo for Ty.  He told me to “cut it out”.  I’m all, “you know you love me.”  He said, “yeah, I do, but – I hate your songs.”


This is not the first time this has happened to me.  I remember one night, Cooper was probably 4, and I was dancing around and singing to him in the kitchen, and he says –

“Let’s play the game – ‘who can be the quietist’!”

Wow.  Just… wow.  

If you want honesty, (or insults) … ask a kid.  


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