The Avett Brothers

Kris and I have loved this band for so long – we try to see them live whenever we can, and their albums get tons of play on our itunes.  I guess I’d describe them as bluegrass/country/indie/folk, but that doesn’t really do them justice.  Their sound is just, original.  They’ve had a lot of success with their very devoted following, but now it looks like they’re really hitting it big.  They’ve announced that they’re working on a new record with Rick Rubin.  WOW!  I’m so proud of these local boys!  (They grew up in Concord NC, and Scott went to ECU)  They don’t seem to be in NC as much lately, but they’re touring the country.  If you have the means, I highly suggest you catch a show.  You won’t be disappointed!

Also?  How stinkin’ cute is Scott Avett?  He’s also a talented artist

The Avett Brothers



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3 responses to “The Avett Brothers

  1. hotshott

    Damn you Avetts and your magical, super-powered beards!!!

  2. g

    it’s not magic, it’s testosterone.

  3. Oooooo – burn…

    comment fight!

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