the beach at night

We leave for the beach on Sunday, and we’re all SO READY to go.  Coop and Ty could spend all day building sandcastles and jumping the waves.  But as much as the boys love the beach during the day, they think going at night is almost as good.  They strap on their headlamps and crack their glow sticks and get ready for an adventure.  Those two can turn ANYTHING into an adventure. They especially love chasing the little crabs and watching them scurry back into their holes, or into the dunes.  By the time we walk home, they’re salty and sandy – but also sleepy and content. Then they wake up the next morning ready to do it all over again.  

I can’t wait. 

           ~Indian Beach 2007~


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One response to “the beach at night

  1. Leah

    How awesome! Have a blast!!

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