vacation, all I ever wanted…

Oh, you want more excitement?  Here are our putt-putt pics!


They crack me up.

It was fun – and Coop had 2 holes-in-one!  Ty?  Well… Ty tried real hard.  🙂  When we were done, we got ice cream and drove through the old beach trailer park where we used to have a place when I was little.  My brother John is the only one who will care about the following..

It’s still there!  John and I used to walk up here every day while on vacation and buy…

Fun Dip!  Didn’t this used to be called Lik-a-Stik?  Anyhoo…

The yellow one used to be ours.  I love how everybody has painted them bright, kitschy colors.

We’re headed to Fort Macon and Beaufort this afternoon.  The weather has been PERFECT.  I’m so glad we’re here… can you tell?


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One response to “vacation, all I ever wanted…

  1. Leah

    You are having too much fun. I’m so glad!

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