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moving on

Guess it’s time to start talking about something other than the beach.  (You’re welcome)  

How about MOVIES!  I loooove movies.  I don’t so much love going to the theater though – people annoy the holy hell out of me.  However, I will suffer through the whole experience for certain movies.  Kris and I saw Iron Man a few weeks ago, and omigosh it was so good!  I’m a huge Robert Downey Jr. fan now. And if you haven’t already seen it (is it still out?) you MUST stay through the closing credits.  There’s a cool surprise at the end. 

OK, here’s where I lose my “cred”.  I saw Mamma Mia last night.  I know, I know.  But I thought it was FABULOUS.  I love me some musicals, and I heart ABBA too.  I saw this musical on stage a few years ago, so of course I had to see it in the theater.  I will admit – it was over the top, cheesy, embarrassing at times, and Pierce Brosnan can’t sing a lick, but I DON’T CARE.  It was pure escapism, guilty pleasure at its finest.  And no, I didn’t make Kris go with me, but I WILL be torturing him with the (Broadway) soundtrack for the next few weeks.  

I should have made Kris go with me though, because Wednesday night – we’re going to see The Dark Knight.  OK, I want to see this one as much as he does.  (Do I earn back a little respect now?)  But I hope my extreme case of coulrophobia doesn’t prevent me from enjoying this flick.  Nah, I’m not worried – my love for Christian Bale will surely ease my fears.  🙂

**Edit** – I just read that Christian Bale has been arrested for assaulting his mother and sister?  WTH?!?!  OK, I’m reserving judgment until the whole story comes out, but – YIKES!  If this is true, he is SO off my list.  



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