father and son bonding

In case you didn’t already know, Kris is re-building a motorcycle that my dad gave him.  (THANKS DAD!) If you already knew that, then you also know that the previous sentiment was expressed with much sarcasm.  Nope, I’m not ENTIRELY THRILLED with the fact that it is in 50 bajillion pieces in the garage, nor am I excited about the fact that he may actually be riding the thing one day.  Actually I’m not too worried about that happening anytime soon.

But he is enjoying the process, and the boys like to help him out.  So who am I to stand in the way of them spending some quality time together, and occasionally enjoying a little liquid refreshment?  


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One response to “father and son bonding

  1. PDXMa.M.A

    LOL!! The “liquid refreshments” pic is priceless!

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