old friends

Kris just left to go on his annual group he-man woman haters camping/cave trip. And sometimes, if they’re lucky, the boy who started it all flies out from the West Coast to join them.  We just love us some Gonzo. (Melodie – you may not get him back!) 🙂

There are plenty of lol-worthy images* below, circa oh I dunno, 1995-ish?  I made this collage for G when he moved back out to California that year.  Sweet huh? I’m willing to embarrass us with this, simply because HOW YOUNG we all look trumps any bad fashion or hair choices.  Oh, and sweet Bodie makes an appearance as well.

*scrunchy on the arm, that one pic where I have eyebrows for days, Gonzo in his paisley boxers, Kris’ mirrored shades, G channeling Errol Flynn, Kris trying to look “hard”, my huurrrr face, the futon with the mexican blanket, etc.  But I didn’t really need to point all that out, did I?)



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4 responses to “old friends

  1. PDXMa.M.A

    He’s so excited to be there! I’m glad he was able to make it out again this year. But, don’t get too used to having him. His “to do” list is calling him!

    How’s your day? Were the boys ok saying bye to Dad for the weekend?

  2. I wish we could have seen all of you. We’ve had a great day actually – and the boys were fine when Kris left. They were all, “see ya”. They’ll start missing him around Saturday afternoon.
    It’s almost time for our slumber party! Two boys and a dog in my bed. We’ll see how much sleep I get tonight…

  3. PDXMa.M.A

    I want to see some ‘Guitar Hero’ pix 🙂

  4. I DO need to get those off my camera. I didn’t take many, unfortunately. 😦
    Has he gone out and bought it yet?!?!

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