The Great Outdoors

We had so much fun on our camping trip – but we were all exhausted Sunday night, and then Monday was the first day back at school!  Whose idea was it to do this the weekend before school started?  So although I STILL haven’t unpacked everything from the  trip, I did want to post some pictures.  Priorities, ya know?

the pop-up rocks

the pop-up rocks


and so does Dad

and so does Dad


Cheerwine Slushies?  Best. Thing. EVER.

Cheerwine Slushie? Best. Thing. EVER.


playing in the dirt

playing in the dirt


arts and crafts

arts and crafts


(almost) all the comforts of home

(almost) all the comforts of home


Sam, the camping gnome (he lives in the pop-up, and goes wherever we go)

Sam, the camping gnome (he lives in the pop-up, and goes wherever we go)

Hopefully work and soccer will allow us to do a few more trips this Fall.  And my brother thought this whole thing was a bad idea

This is forced family fun at its finest!  No, seriously – we love it.  If you haven’t been camping lately, or ever, you really should try it.  Especially if you have little ones.



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6 responses to “The Great Outdoors

  1. g

    nice gnome. although, i don’t think i’d call that ‘camping’ as much as ‘vacationing’. i’m just saying is all…

  2. hotshott

    Cheerwine slushies rawked it. I’m just sayin’…

  3. g

    what the hell is cheerwine?

  4. it is de-licious.

    Maybe I’ll send some to you guys – you know, with your “I don’t care, obviously, ’cause I’m never gonna get around to sending it” package. 🙂

    (I’m going to do it one day, I swear!)

  5. PDXMa.M.A

    Love the camping photos! And my, aren’t you so crafty!!
    Cheerwine slushies look tasty.
    Coop looks like a miniature college stud in the ‘playing in the dirt’ pic!
    Looks like you had a great time. I’m thinkin we need a pop-up next summer…hear that hon?

  6. PDXMa.M.A

    p.s. how was the first week of school (for all of you!)?

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