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some very cool poster art…

all 50 posters found here


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love story

If you have around 3 minutes to spare, this is beautiful…

*Update: A higher quality version, and more info about the artist,  can be found here at Carlos Lascano’s website.


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new. favorite. word.

petrichor: the scent of the dry earth or pavement after a rain.

I just LOVE that smell – didn’t know there was a name for it…

(The rain has finally stopped here)


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Paul Newman

                                                                   1925 – 2008

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Guitar Hero

this is for Gonzo

via xkcd

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The Hello, Goodbye Window

“No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.”
— Louis Sabin


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I took an art class tonight.  An art class that included ALCOHOL.  Painting and drinking?  Sounds like a dangerous combination, but it was nothing but a good time. 

Leah and I *might* be a wee bit tipsy here.  Just maybe.

We eventually got ourselves together and created the masterpieces above.         Ta-da!  OK, so maybe we won’t become famous – but it was so fun!  We learned a little and laughed a lot – and Leah even got an extra lesson on the real meaning behind the song “She Bop“.  ‘Cause ya know, I’m all about educating others.  

Sawtooth Center for Visual Art 


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