I’ve missed you, internets…

Let’s have a hug, shall we?  It’s been a long time. 

Question – why can’t I ever be as awake in the morning as I am when I go to bed, and as tired when I go to bed as I am when I wake up?  

I’ve started back to work part-time, and it really sucks to get up early again.  Summertime spoiled me. And between work and my computer being screwed up, I’ve really neglected this “blob” (to quote my boys).  So, I’ll get back to it – I promise.  Thanks for sticking with me.  

Oh, and this scenario plays out frequently in our house, which prolly explains my early morning exhaustion…

Which reminds me, I should get off here and catch some zzz’s.  We have a soccer game in the morning and it’s also somebody’s VERY SPECIAL DAY.  More tomorrow!



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4 responses to “I’ve missed you, internets…

  1. hotshott

    funny…. because it’s true.

  2. g

    it’s funny but also sad. i had a special day once… not too long ago… like, 4 days ago. it’s actually not that funny. but I do enjoy being quoted. i’ll take that as a gift.

  3. Take heart–the Internets is what work is for!

  4. Not when you work with preschoolers, unfortunately 🙂
    But in my old cube days – most definitely!

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