you look like a monkey…

and you smell like one too!  

Happy Birthday Kris!  You share your big day with the following famous people – 

Nell Carter of “Gimme a Break” fame

Roald Dahl – children’s author (“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”)

Mel Torme (aka “The Velvet Fog”)

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth

and Richard Kiel (‘Jaws’ from James Bond!)

You are also a Virgo – 

I hope you have a great birthday – full of video games, being lazy, sushi, birthday cake, beer, and lots of hugs from me and the boys.  We love you to the moon and back!  

Oh, and do you remember this?  (circa 2004)

You’re the BEST Mister – and don’t you forget it.



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2 responses to “you look like a monkey…

  1. g

    you know what… you were the first to txt me on mine this year. you have a 3 hour jump on this side of los estados unidos but still, thanks. i share mine with Tolstoy, Captain Bligh, Michael Keaton, The Colonel, Ottis Redding, Adam Sandler and Rachel Hunter. also, the Playstation and Dreamcast came to the US on my birthday. you’re welcome.

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