I took an art class tonight.  An art class that included ALCOHOL.  Painting and drinking?  Sounds like a dangerous combination, but it was nothing but a good time. 

Leah and I *might* be a wee bit tipsy here.  Just maybe.

We eventually got ourselves together and created the masterpieces above.         Ta-da!  OK, so maybe we won’t become famous – but it was so fun!  We learned a little and laughed a lot – and Leah even got an extra lesson on the real meaning behind the song “She Bop“.  ‘Cause ya know, I’m all about educating others.  

Sawtooth Center for Visual Art 



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3 responses to “~Arteests~

  1. Leah

    I LOVE it! Last night was awesome! I loved hanging with you, painting and drinking…hmmm…fabulous!!!

  2. Leah

    Oh, and you know why my tongue looks so enormous in that picture…cause I’d just learned the meaning of “She Bop”. LOL

  3. K

    Ya’ll looked like you were having so much fun last night.

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