new. favorite. word.

petrichor: the scent of the dry earth or pavement after a rain.

I just LOVE that smell – didn’t know there was a name for it…

(The rain has finally stopped here)



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4 responses to “new. favorite. word.

  1. Leah

    Awesome. I love learning something new.

  2. Mm, I can smell it now. Petrichor.

  3. Betty

    Hi – I love the smell of fresh rain on dry earth or pavement. Woodsmoke too. Sweetpeas. There, my three favorite smells in the world. I didn’t know it had a name (petrichor), or that other people loved it too.

  4. Alisha

    I absolutely love the smell of wet pavement or cement. I’ve always loved it but now that I’m 7 months pregnant I’m even more obsessed with it. It is so addicting!

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