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This is Halloween…

We love this movie!  

Everybody have a safe and spooky Halloween night…


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Halloween through the Years…

Me as Wonder Woman, my dad as Dracula, and my friend Dana as a princess.  The crown she’s wearing might be from where she won Little Miss Garner that year.  She went on to win Miss North Carolina in 1994…

Me as a Gypsy, John as the Incredible Hulk.

Me as a Rubik’s cube!  

It was such a great costume, I entered a contest at the MALL.  (Crabtree Valley for all you Raleighites)

Ohhh, it was stiff competition…

But I prevailed!  1st Prize!  I was in the paper and everything.  I have no idea what I spent that $ on.  All I know is it seemed like a LOT to me at the time.  

And here’s what might be the saddest Halloween picture ever:

 John as…

George Washington?!?!  I mean, REALLY?  I just can’t imagine that he CHOSE this.  That he willingly passed over all the super hero costumes for… George Washington.   Wow.

What was your favorite costume as a kid?


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“I got a rock…”

It’s that time again – time to watch Linus and Sally sit in the “most sincere” pumpkin patch and await The Great Pumpkin.  Time to feel sorry for that blockhead Charlie Brown as he receives his bag full of rocks. (That part never fails to crack up my 2 boys.)  

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” airs tonight at 8pm ET, on ABC. We’ll definitely be watching!  It wouldn’t be Halloween without it.  

“There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.”

~Linus Van Pelt


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Like, omigod I’m SO SURE. Totally.

So like, when I was 10?  I was like, totally into being a Valley Girl.  Fer sure.  Even though I grew up like, about as far as you can get from California?  My childhood was still pretty tubular.  I mean, check out my totally awesome Halloween costume below…

That’s me on the right – funky huh?  (what the hell am I doing with my mouth?!?!) We made our dresses out of black trash bags.  That’s right.  Project Runway look out…                                                              

Oh how I loved those lavender leg warmers.  

And of course, you need this view, so you can see where we painted the words “Totally Awesome!” on the back.  As if there were any doubt.  

And as promised, my brother John.  Gag me with a spoon, what the crap is he supposed to be?  And he’s like, 6 here?  Nice, mom.  Also note – the green and yellow afghan behind him – it is present in nearly every picture taken in my house from around 1980 – 1990. 



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Halloween Party 2008

We had our annual dress-up Halloween dinner/party last night at my mom’s house.  For the past few years, my mom helps the boys with their costumes and they surprise us.  Kris and I do the same – and we all keep our secret until we knock on the door.  My costume (80’s chick) fit right in with their costumes this year!  They are supposed to be punk rockers – not necessarily from the 80’s – but don’t they look straight out of one of those movies where there’s a rival gang, and they’re so “tough” and cool, and the leader of the gang falls in love with the jock’s girlfriend, and so on?  No?  Just me?  Moving on.

What?  There are no pictures of Kris you say?  Well, he was the devil.  Trust me when I say – through and through, he was THE DEVIL.  He’s better today THANK GOODNESS.   Last night?  Not so much.

The ghost of Halloween past will be visiting over the next few days.  I swiped all the old photo albums from my mom’s house last night, and will be busy scanning tonight and tomorrow.  John – be warned…


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peek a BOO

I think this song came out in 1988, which is when Kris and I had just started dating (“going together”). We took my 11 year old brother (hi John!) trick or treating that year, sort of, I guess.  I just don’t really remember John being with us?  That’s what my mom gets for putting two love struck teenagers in charge of a little brother.  Anyway, in honor of one of our favorite holidays, it’s going to be all Halloween all the time around here this week.  Pictures coming soon…  

In the meantime, enjoy some Siouxsie and the Banshees –

(this also reminds me of how much I miss “120 Minutes“.  Why MTV, WHY do you suck so much now. You used to be pretty great. You know, when you actually PLAYED VIDEOS.)

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looks like I’m not the only one…


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