Halloween Party 2008

We had our annual dress-up Halloween dinner/party last night at my mom’s house.  For the past few years, my mom helps the boys with their costumes and they surprise us.  Kris and I do the same – and we all keep our secret until we knock on the door.  My costume (80’s chick) fit right in with their costumes this year!  They are supposed to be punk rockers – not necessarily from the 80’s – but don’t they look straight out of one of those movies where there’s a rival gang, and they’re so “tough” and cool, and the leader of the gang falls in love with the jock’s girlfriend, and so on?  No?  Just me?  Moving on.

What?  There are no pictures of Kris you say?  Well, he was the devil.  Trust me when I say – through and through, he was THE DEVIL.  He’s better today THANK GOODNESS.   Last night?  Not so much.

The ghost of Halloween past will be visiting over the next few days.  I swiped all the old photo albums from my mom’s house last night, and will be busy scanning tonight and tomorrow.  John – be warned…



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4 responses to “Halloween Party 2008

  1. hotshott

    isn’t Coop a little young to be so bershon?

  2. I love those Vegas tats. They look hard core.

    Awesome job!

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