Like, omigod I’m SO SURE. Totally.

So like, when I was 10?  I was like, totally into being a Valley Girl.  Fer sure.  Even though I grew up like, about as far as you can get from California?  My childhood was still pretty tubular.  I mean, check out my totally awesome Halloween costume below…

That’s me on the right – funky huh?  (what the hell am I doing with my mouth?!?!) We made our dresses out of black trash bags.  That’s right.  Project Runway look out…                                                              

Oh how I loved those lavender leg warmers.  

And of course, you need this view, so you can see where we painted the words “Totally Awesome!” on the back.  As if there were any doubt.  

And as promised, my brother John.  Gag me with a spoon, what the crap is he supposed to be?  And he’s like, 6 here?  Nice, mom.  Also note – the green and yellow afghan behind him – it is present in nearly every picture taken in my house from around 1980 – 1990. 



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4 responses to “Like, omigod I’m SO SURE. Totally.

  1. Leah

    Like you were like totally cool beans.

    And your brother John? Well, that’s special 🙂

  2. Hahaha – he actually turned into a really cute, and fairly normal person!

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