Halloween through the Years…

Me as Wonder Woman, my dad as Dracula, and my friend Dana as a princess.  The crown she’s wearing might be from where she won Little Miss Garner that year.  She went on to win Miss North Carolina in 1994…

Me as a Gypsy, John as the Incredible Hulk.

Me as a Rubik’s cube!  

It was such a great costume, I entered a contest at the MALL.  (Crabtree Valley for all you Raleighites)

Ohhh, it was stiff competition…

But I prevailed!  1st Prize!  I was in the paper and everything.  I have no idea what I spent that $ on.  All I know is it seemed like a LOT to me at the time.  

And here’s what might be the saddest Halloween picture ever:

 John as…

George Washington?!?!  I mean, REALLY?  I just can’t imagine that he CHOSE this.  That he willingly passed over all the super hero costumes for… George Washington.   Wow.

What was your favorite costume as a kid?



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6 responses to “Halloween through the Years…

  1. hotshott

    Gotta go with HOBO! (And OMG, you could not look more like Coop in that Gypsy pic.)

  2. I’m so impressed with the Rubik’s Cube. Your family is SERIOUS about Halloween! :-)I have to give the Colgate kid props. I’d wager second place, that kid.

    I kind of like George Washington sitting in the middle of the yard. There is something poetic about that photo.

    My mom made my two sisters and me costumes every year. I think my favorite year was when she made us all jester outfits. She even made us jester hats that had bells on the two sides of the cap.

    I always wanted a really tough or bloody costume, but my family is too straight laced.

  3. THOSE PHOTOS ARE CLASSIC! love them. i can relate to john… i was benjamin franklin in 1st grade. seriously.

  4. @stilllife and sarahsouth –
    I’m sure John will appreciate all the support from your comments… 🙂
    He called me last night absolutely cracking up. He had completely forgotten that costume!

  5. Leah

    Look at you, winning $50! What a GREAT costume!! Kids aren’t that creative these days…

  6. interactivejones

    i gotta agree. the first thing i said was “she looks JUST like Coop.” also, that cube rocks it.

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