I remember

staying up all night at Granny’s and watching the sunrise

watching you model in a fashion show, and what I wore

eating bacon by the pound at your mom’s

watching you lay out your outfits for the week when you were in high school


when I got in trouble because you took me and Kris to the fireworks at the fairground

weekends at the lake

finding the needle in the quilt Grandpa made

Kamper, Winnie, Maggie, and Bodie 

laughing ’til we cried, and crying ’til we laughed

knowing every quote from “16 Candles”

seeing your face in the crowd at every performance I ever had in high school

you shoving pennies in my mouth at a party, and a boy named Jamie saying he was “fond of me”

some really bad fights at the apartment

the day Jack died

ordering a keg for your graduation party and my mom thinking we said we were going to order a cake

thinking Lloyd Dobler was the perfect man 

being disappointed when we found out we truly weren’t sisters, like we had pretty much convinced ourselves we were

your first day as a teacher

collecting freckles by the hundreds every year at the beach

worshipping the ground you walked on

~I remember this and more. I remember who we used to be.  And deep down, who we probably still are.



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