Jim Sturgess is a god, that is all.  Carry on.



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5 responses to “girl

  1. You know, I have not seen this movie yet. I thought it would be a disaster, but seeing this makes me want to check it out.

    I like his rendition because it’s not a karaoke version.

  2. Leah

    How can I carry on after that??

  3. Leah

    you won’t believe…
    5 minutes before looking at your blog –
    look at what I’d added to my myspace page…
    so, it’s not the same song, but still…
    can we talk about brain waves again??

  4. hotshott

    oh good lord….

  5. @ stilllife – See this movie. I highly recommend it. I’ve only seen it, ohhh I dunno – 5 or 6 times. 🙂

    @ Leah – zzzzttt, brain waves! You’re freakin’ me out, man! And we should watch this together some time, by the way.

    @ Kris – oh whatever. 🙂

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