you don’t know me

Love this song, love Ben Folds, love Regina Spektor, love this live performance.  

Just adorable. 

Incidentally, the boys and I saw Ben’s little brother Chuck and his band Big Bang Boom this summer. They loved it – they were rockin’ out the whole time.  Of course we bought the CD and played it nonstop for quite a while.  It’s still in heavy rotation around here – an excellent alternative to typical “kid’s music”. Here’s Coop and Ty with Chuck after the show…




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6 responses to “you don’t know me

  1. Love Bens Fold–especially backed by strings. Is this a new release? I’m really out of touch with radio these days.

    This sounds like good music to clean house to.

  2. It’s off “Way to Normal” – came out in September, I believe.

    Don’tcha love cleaning to your favorite music? Makes it a wee bit more enjoyable, huh? 🙂

  3. hotshott

    “RENT” does not qualify as MY favorite music…

  4. well, maybe next time YOU clean the whole house Mr. H, you can choose the music. 🙂
    (and just for that – next time it’ll be “Mamma Mia”)

  5. Do you clean together?

    If that’s the case, I think you should clean to Green Day’s “American Idiot.” I think a rock opera could make everyone happy.

  6. hotshott


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