let the wild rumpus start!

I’m so excited to see Where the Wild Things Are directed be Spike Jonze!  It comes out in October, and although I’ve read mixed reviews/opinions on the final version  – if it’s as cool as these pictures make it look?  It will be amazing.  

I can’t even tell you how many times we’ve read this book to the boys.  Kris and I both loved it as kids, and it was probably one of the first books we bought when we found out I was pregnant.  For a while, it was on the must read list EVERY NIGHT.  And we couldn’t just READ it.  There were voices, and sound effects, and actions that had to be done, and the boys just ate it up.  Actually, we haven’t pulled this book out for a long time.  I think we’ll have to dig it out from the bookshelf that has since replaced it with things like Captain Underpants and Goosebumps







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2 responses to “let the wild rumpus start!

  1. This was an incredible book! My mother read this to me almost every night as a little child…and I think that same copy once belonged to my older sister. While now faded and torn, that book was still one of the first memories I ever had of truly “imagining” myself somewhere else.

  2. Hello! Happy New Year to you and your plus three. 🙂

    I love this book and its animation. From the photos, it looks like Jonze has done a good job conceptualizing it for a movie. I hope the soundtrack lives up to expectations, too.

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