so this is happening…


I’m texting from my phone, instant messaging, AND surfing on my computer. Kris is texting on his phone (to the same person I’m texting) and also chatting and surfing on his iTouch (chatting with the same person I’m chatting).  Also, we’re watching TV, and Kris is reading things that he finds amusing on the internets out loud to me.  And it’s 1:00 am.  

Also, my cell phone has a really shitty camera.

And I’m a little delirious right now, goodnight…



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3 responses to “so this is happening…

  1. Leah

    I love y’all.
    So much.
    Thanks for the laughs last night.

  2. Leah

    It’s been 3 days, L. THREE days.

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