Happy Mother’s Day

Kinda wishing I had posted something in between this and the one below. Heh.

Oh well, it’s been kinda busy around here.  Even a little crazy one might say.  This I know for sure – when you become a parent?  No two days are ever the same. Life is unpredictable and spontaneous, and doesn’t always give you your desired outcome. But as hard as it is some days, as tired and frustrated and frazzled as I might get – I wouldn’t change a thing.  Today is a reminder of why I love being a mom.  I adore my little monkeys and all the challenges they put before me.  The good parts of this job (the hardest and most important job I’ll ever have) always, ALWAYS outweigh the not so good.

Still, it sure would be nice if my 2 bosses would give me a day off once in a while.

*Edit: I just re-watched this clip, and if I’m not mistaken the mom is making some sort of “ears” for a costume. Of course, this isn’t why I chose the clip, but I find it so ironic since that was number 3 on my list of a bajillion things to do this week. Construct 22 pairs of sheep ears for the kindergarten play. Thankfully that item has now been crossed off.)


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