magnet Mondays

magnets - 29

This should be interesting.

*Ooooo… UPDATE!  The challenger has spoken!!!

May the best man win.  Just remember – you’re BOTH winners (losers?) in my eyes.



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4 responses to “magnet Mondays

  1. interactivejones

    even if this was true the united states would still be the fattest country in the world. wha whaaa.

  2. at the very least, maybe they will both have symmetrical biceps by the end of the competition :]

  3. Hahahaha! sarahsouth FTW…

  4. PDXMama

    Once again it’s on….??
    G claims he and Kris have “never had a competition”. I know of at least one – the “hair challenge”. Laurie, I imagine you know of more from their NAVY days. This really can’t be the “first”, is it??

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