the boys of summer

So, it’s almost summertime and school is coming to an end and then I’ll no longer have a kindergartner.  Ty is growing like a weed, almost as tall as his brother but skinny as a rail (spitting image of his dad as a kid.)  That kid is hilarious and sweet, and I just adore him.  And when reading finally “clicked” for him a few months ago? Well, it was just the coolest thing to watch.  

Cooper has changed so much this year – growing stronger, smarter, so handsome. His little boy body is disappearing before my eyes, being replaced by this person I don’t even recognize some days.  But when he’s laughing, I’ll catch tiny glimpses of “little Coop” in that crooked smile and freckled nose.

All of this is exciting and scary and a little sad.  My babies are growing up.  But I’m so proud of the people they are becoming…




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3 responses to “the boys of summer

  1. Leah

    This made me wanna cry. Ok, so I did get a little teary-eyed. It’s very, very sweet.

  2. Thanks so much…

    I started writing that post about 2 weeks ago, and it has taken me this long to finish it because I was crying every time I sat down to write it. *sigh*

  3. You’re giving me baby fever worse than I already have it. Your “babies” are so sweet.

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