Wednesday night – LOST night… even while on hiatus

I simply had to do another update on a poll I did a while back. Y’all can’t believe how many views it got. Almost 4000! Bit of advice – if you want people to look at your blog? Simply do a post with the words “LOST”, “Saywyer”, “Jack”, etc., basically anything LOST related. Anyway, I kept noticing that most of these views were coming in from a link to one site in particular. I went to the site and it’s a mom in Hungary! So funny. The online translator isn’t very good, so I’m not real sure what she’s saying in the post – but it seems she disagrees with the previous results. The last time I checked the poll it said the winner was Sayid (the poll asked who your favorite LOST boy was). I have to say I agree with Miss Hungary – Sayid? Seriously?!?! Anyway, I checked the results again tonight, and all is right with the world. The results as of today proclaim Sawyer the winner. Yay!

Picture 2

So there you go. Approximately 160 votes – the public has spoken! And now we only have about 195 days to wait for next season…  sigh.

*by the way, there were a few write in votes for “other”. They were Charlie, Juancita, dd, and Faraday. (Juancita? dd?!?!)  hehehe.

**EDIT – wait a flip, I think she met Matthew Fox! (lucky!) Sawyer might be my favorite, but I wouldn’t pass up the chance to stand beside Jack, that’s for sure…


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  1. I’m gonna post about your post so my views will go thru the roof!

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