7 years

Dear T,

On August 3, 2002 we became a family of four.

And how appropriate that as you came into this world I was laughing… being silly and not focusing, to the point your Dad had to tell me, “Laurie – you better get serious and push that baby out!”  Hahaha.  Of course you’d turn out to be a funny kid.  I need to learn to recognize foreshadowing…

Sweet baby Ty – you have given us so much joy, I cannot imagine life without your smile (now very gap-toothed – you just lost one of your top front teeth, and everything you say now is 10x as cute).

Now, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing.  Especially in the beginning.  At first I felt like I was betraying Coop, bringing a little baby brother into the fold when he was still just a baby himself.  But if I had just known then what I know now.  You two definitely have your moments.  You fight and get on each other’s nerves nearly every day.  But more often than not?  You’re best buddies, and I hope you hang onto that always.  You’re so lucky to have each other.

Ty, you are an amazing kid!  We’ve had so many wonderful times together.  (but let’s just disregard 2006 – the 4’s were SO not your year…) However!  Other than that,  you’ve been pretty great.  Perfect in fact.  Wouldn’t trade all the ups and downs for the world… you’ve made my life infinitely better.

Love you to the moon and back,





and now.


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One response to “7 years

  1. Leah

    Must you always melt my heart with your blogs? Sigh…

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