Kris hates to ride bikes with me, because I love to do this. Ride with my feet between the handlebars. Downhill. It freaks him out, but I do it anyway. Not sure why it doesn’t scare me,because when I was 10 I fell off my bike while doing this and tore the hell out of my knees. Had to walk a block to get home, and by the time I did my Nike’s were red instead of white. Pleasant, I know.

And yet.

Every now and then I still get the urge to jump on my bike and find the tallest hill in the neighborhood. I just wish I still had my lime green bike with the banana seat, flower basket, and glittery tassles. That would be perfection.



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4 responses to “daredevil

  1. interactivejones

    maybe he isn’t freaked out that YOU ride like that, but rather he is worried about the other people on the road? maybe i am overthinking it.

  2. gah! makes me nervous!!!

  3. interactivejones

    like riding a motorcyle?

  4. interactivejones

    i hate you, nazis.

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