Oxford Comma (aka Serial Comma)

You know who should give an eff about an Oxford Comma? You, that’s who.

I believe in the Oxford comma. I love it, I use it, I think it’s totally necessary.  This guy, not so much. (Wait, do normal people even worry about such things? Probably not. Ah well.)

But I don’t really think this song is just about punctuation and proper grammar. To quote the lead singer, the song “is more about not giving a f*ck than about Oxford commas.”

Also, it’s really catchy and I just like it.



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3 responses to “Oxford Comma (aka Serial Comma)

  1. But, I LOVE cream cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

  2. John B

    Yaaayyy! Vampire Weekend! One of my favorite albums of the past year!!

  3. interactivejones

    i do no believe in, care about or use the serial comma, Ayn Rand or God.

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