where troubles melt like lemon drops

I loved “The Wizard of Oz” when I was a little girl. It was my  favorite movie, so I was very excited when my 1st grade teacher announced that our class would be performing the play for our school.

Of COURSE I wanted to be Dorothy. So when Mrs. Dickens gave me the part of The Cowardly Lion, well, I was none too pleased. The role of Dorothy went to a girl named Debbie – although when she introduced herself she would say, “I’m Deborah, with the long, beautiful hair.” I’m totally serious. Anyway, “Deborah” had “long, beautiful” BLONDE HAIR! I’m all, “what up with that?”

But Mrs. Dickens knew a lot more than I thought she did. The role she gave me was perfect for “me”. I was a pretty shy child, and could have never pulled off Dorothy. But put me in a cute lion costume with a tail that I could hold and twist and rub nervously as I said my lines and sang my solo? Well, it just worked. And I got some of the biggest laughs of the play.

No real reason for this post, just a random memory really. And maybe just a reminder to myself to play to my strengths, keep doing the things I’m good at and do them well – and not worry about the rest.


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