needed this tonight…

Ty spent the past 30 minutes or so locked up in his room, being secretive. Finally he came out and made me close my eyes and hold out my hands. He’d made me a card, for no particular reason. It’s decorated on the front all sparkly and it says “Love is in the Air”. But the inside is what I like best.

Violets are red. Cherries are red too. But that doesn’t matter I really love you.



Filed under artsy/crafty, boys, cuteness, daily life, family, good days, parenting, things that I love

3 responses to “needed this tonight…

  1. Doug

    Now you know it’s going to be a GREAT day! What a little poet.
    You all have a Happy Easter.

  2. Thanks Doug! Hug your girls for us – hope the Easter Bunny is good to Aubrey. I swear she gets cuter every day!

  3. threefivezero

    That Ty Hendershott, he’s a smooth one! (I’m watchin’ him!)

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