Happy Father’s Day



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5 responses to “Happy Father’s Day

  1. threefivezero

    Super cool! How did you get a picture of the Hendershott Boys 40 years ago??? If you have a time travel device you’re not sharing, shame on you!

    Happy Father’s Day to Kris too!

  2. you can pretend to time travel by altering your photos on this site:


    It’s a Japanese site – and I’ve seen some “questionable” content in the public photo album… just warning you.

    This is how we did the Christmas card too!

  3. Scott – have you seen this? It’s really cool, too…


  4. threefivezero

    I’ll check out the Japanese one later when the kids are at Angie’s, Thank You!

    The tiltshift thing is cool! Did you do something like this with the picture of your bookcase? There was something about that photo I couldn’t put my finger on…

  5. The bookcase thing was done in iphoto – I think I just made the colors a little more saturated, and blurred the edges a little.

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