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~ circa 91 – 94

… the time in my life when I was venturing out, becoming my own person, and learning new things. I wanted to be independent, to prove to my parents I could make it on my own. I was drawn to this music, it was so different from anything I’d heard before. And all performed by these strong and fearless women, the kind of girl I *wanted* to be. The thing is – I never became “that girl”, but I could pretend to be… driving down Greenville Blvd. in my VW Rabbit, singing my heart out.

Listening to these songs still gives me a little self-confidence boost when I need it.

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a bike with a basket

I would like this very much.

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cold snap!

It’s not quite 100 degrees today! Woohoo! :/

Headed to the theater to cool off – we’re seeing “Inception”. I’ve really been looking forward to this movie! Can’t wait – just hope I can wrap my brain around it…

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