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~ circa 91 – 94

… the time in my life when I was venturing out, becoming my own person, and learning new things. I wanted to be independent, to prove to my parents I could make it on my own. I was drawn to this music, it was so different from anything I’d heard before. And all performed by these strong and fearless women, the kind of girl I *wanted* to be. The thing is – I never became “that girl”, but I could pretend to be… driving down Greenville Blvd. in my VW Rabbit, singing my heart out.

Listening to these songs still gives me a little self-confidence boost when I need it.


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“so many things I’d say if only I were able…”

This song is so bright and pretty, and the video is just fun. The part where she’s playing “piano” on flatware? Lovely. Also? HANDCLAPS! Love handclaps.

Good pick-me-up on this dreary Monday afternoon…

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look at these effin’ hipsters


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yes dear boy, you HAVE chosen wisely…

Ty brought this home from school today. It says…

“I let my mom sleep inn and not wake her up. She get’s up on her own.”

(spelling and grammatical errors aside – I love this)

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summertime… get here now.

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needed this tonight…

Ty spent the past 30 minutes or so locked up in his room, being secretive. Finally he came out and made me close my eyes and hold out my hands. He’d made me a card, for no particular reason. It’s decorated on the front all sparkly and it says “Love is in the Air”. But the inside is what I like best.

Violets are red. Cherries are red too. But that doesn’t matter I really love you.


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